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LSAC Intro (15 mins)

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Intro to KPI Studio


Using KPI Studio

Home Page or Team Page Configuration


Operations Insights Summary

Submitting a bug, customer support ticket, or feature request 


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Therapeutic Area Head

Study Manager

Central Monitoring Manager

Intro to Oversight Scorecard

Sight Scorecard: Reviewing sites within a particular program

Intro to RBQM

  • Planning with RACT.
    Releases - 3.2 3.3
  • Monitoring with Scorecard *
Potential Site Issues: 
Drilling-down into site specific issues

Oversight Scorecard

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Operations Insights for Management:Data Cleanliness Completeness Dashboards - Study Level

Team Member

Trial Management 

Team Member

Medical / Safety

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Advanced KPI Studio:

* These topics are planned to be included in future demo videos.